The remodel work is underway at Chinquapin. Here are some photos of the progress. As you can see, we have some professional workers and the most advanced equipment.

mat24.jpg (19932 bytes)

Storey figured the old boat shed had a few more years, but the homeowners association sent him a letter asking him to repair or replace it. So the construction crew went to work. After minutes of planning and demolition, the old shed dropped right as planned.

mat25.jpg (17125 bytes)

The shed removed and the trash and material properly disposed of, Mike begins plans for the new boat shed. "This will be my finest hour!", said Mike.

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The plans were made and approved by the Chinquapin Zoning committee, and work began. Many of the regulars lended a hand in the construction. The old western "barn raising" still lives in Chinquapin.

mat26.jpg (24399 bytes)

The basic framework is up, and the rafters are next. More pictures to follow, so check back to follow the progress!


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