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Review - Sting Ray XRIII Hydrofoil  http://www.marine-dynamics.com/ 5-5-10

I have to say I was somewhat skeptical about this product. I have changed my mind. My boat leaps out of the water now. I noticed no loss in top end speed that others have reported. The manufacturer's website claims this will replace trim tabs and I can say from my experience that there is some truth to this claim. When properly trimmed the back of the boat seems to run higher with this installed. I would say for the price and ease of installation, this product is one I would recommend. Click here for my tutorial on installation.

Review - http://www.lonestarhandgun.com/ 11-4-09

I recently took the Texas CHL course from Lone Star Handgun in San Antonio, TX. I must say I was impressed by the entire course. I took this course from another instructor 6 years ago and while the course was informative it was not fun. Well not so for Lone Star Handgun. I thouroghly enjoyed the class and both Josh and Russell were professional and knowledgable. The class was conducted in a comfortable room with advanced AV presentation equipment. The range qualification was handled in a safe and straight forward manner and I felt extremely comfortable. They offer classes during the week as well as Saturday. I plan on taking their advanced handgun class as soon as time allows. I will follow up here after that.

Bottom Line - Highly recommended!


Review - Suncoast Marine 9-20-09

If you are like me you hate to over pay for oil and other supplies for your boat. I was searching for a better price on XD-100 oil and found Sun Coast Marine on the web. They are located in Largo, Florida. Their price was considerably less than what I was paying locally and with no sales tax and reasonable shipping I figured I would give them a try. I made the order for 2 gallons of XD-100 on Monday and had them delivered on Thursday. Super fast shipping and the total was $76.75. The more you buy the better price you get. I recommend these guys and will continue to do business with them as well as refer people their way.


Review - Sea Striker Sunglasses (manufactured by Cliff Weil, Inc.) 9-11-09

I highly recommend these glasses both from a quality as well as price perspective. They have an outstanding warranty and if you have any problems they will make it right. I had purchased a pair that broke at the hinge. I sent them in and had a new set within a week. I have three sets. They are all polarized to help you see into the water. These are the models I use.


    Reel Deal


After loosing my 3rd pair of Ray-Bans to the water gods, I decided to try something cheaper that didn't look cheap. I tried several brands before I landed on these. You can't go wrong, especially for the price. You can buy directly from seastriker, but I like to buy from sunglasses giant. They throw in a soft case, lens cloth, and a retainer strap at no extra charge. Here are their links:



Review - Castaway Rods vs. G.Loomis Rods Warranty Policy 8-12-09

I have had two rods break this year. One was a G.Loomis Greenwater GWPR843C and the other was a Castaway SWXL7. I had two very different experiences with the service groups of these two companies. I did have receipt for the G.Loomis but did not need it. No receipt on the Castaway but hey, I own it so common sense says it's mine, right?

G.Loomis - Service Rating JJJJJ (5 Star)

What an outstanding experience! First off, Gloomis rods are exceptional in quality. They are a little higher in upfront cost but you certainly get what you pay for. This rod broke between the second and third eye while hooked up on a nice trout. It broke off when the rod broke, so I lost the tip in the water. I went on the Gloomis website http://www.gloomis.com/ and selected their Xpeditor  service. Basically you pay $50 on a credit card and you have a replacement rod in hand in about 2 days. In the mailer tube is a prepaid shipping label you place over the original and you send the rod back in the same tube. I had the driver wait while I repackaged it and he took it the same day. There are no questions asked and that is the end of it. I now own 3 G.Loomis rods and I can honestly say I can't imagine buying another rod brand.

Castaway - Service Rating LLL

 I had a totally different experience than G.Loomis with Castaway. I own 3 Castaways as well. This rod broke about 1-1/2" below the first eye. This one was not a clean break like the G.Loomis more like the tip just shattered. It had a bit of a jagged edge. It happened while casting. I went to the website and my first worry was "must have filled in and returned warranty card"  on the website. Now when I bought this rod it was clear that it had a lifetime warranty. They have now changed that to a 5 year warranty, but they still say the have a "lifetime owner protection warranty". So I sent them an email and asked if they would replace the rod. No answer for 2 weeks. I finally decided to just glue the tip back on and move on when out of the blue I get an email apologizing for the delay and promising to take care of it. I checked on shipping and when I found it would cast $22 to ship from Corpus to Houston, I emailed back and asked if I could cut the rod in two to save on the shipping. The girl stated that was not their policy but she would allow it this one time. I was purchasing a new antenna for the boat the next week so it worked out that I used that tube to return it and did not have to cut it. I taped it up and sent it in with the $25 required handling fee. After 3 weeks and not a peep I emailed the company to check. Got an email back a few days later saying they where working in it and that they where training new people. To make a long story short, two weeks after that I got my rod, the SAME ROD, with the tip glued back on. So I was out $22 to ship it, $25 handling fee, and almost 2 months of waiting.


G.Loomis rods cost a little more than the rest but you have an outstanding rod that will last a lifetime. If you have trouble with it, either defect or accident, you are covered for a nominal replacement fee.

Castaway - A fair rod, not worth the price, and you better hope you never have any trouble. I would say don't bother.

My two cents - Todd


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