Sump and Bait Well Pump Care

These types of pumps are notorious for having problems. With some basic care you can extend the life of these pumps. Here are a few ideas to help keep them running:

  1. Don't run pump dry. Running the pump dry can cause overheating and premature failure. If it gets hot enough it can crack the casing and allow water into the boat thru the cracked casing.
  2. Don't run pumps when underway. Depending on the location of your water inlet pickup, it is possible to run the pump dry or only under partial pressure.
  3. Do flush the pump with fresh water after each use. Sand, mud, and shell will get in the impeller area and tear it up.
  4. If you can get to your pump, take it out once a season and clean it well. A little care here can save lots of time running to the marine supply store and re-wiring a new pump.

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